Companies That Have the Best Meeting Rooms

If you are a small business or a start-up, should you spend your money on creating a hi-tech meeting room? Apart from the commercial space it occupies, the equipment needed fora simple audio video conferencing costs a lot of money, which may be better utilized elsewhere in your business.

 If you need to have a video conference with your distant teams, investors or others regularly, it makes fiscal sense to keep a separate meeting room and equipment.

 For companies that meet once or twice in a year or schedule meetings only on special occasions like an investor meeting,  it is better to rent an upscale meeting room when it is needed. Most of the start-ups that work in a co-work location can book a meeting room within their work space when they need it. For special occasions, you can find an upscale meeting room to present a better image.

We will help you find a few exciting meeting rooms in Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington for when you need to impress.

  1. Conference Chicago

Conference Chicago is one of the top-rated conference centers for hire in Chicago. They have 15,000 square feet of meeting space spread over ten different rooms. All the rooms have advanced AV equipment that meets most of your necessities in a meeting. They are also available seven days a week for rent. Bookings can be made for half day or a full day.

Conference Chicago is located in the downtown’s South Loop neighborhood. The lakefront is just a few steps away from the venue. The public train and bus stop is right outside the building, making it accessible from most parts of Chicago. By road, the center can be reached by I-57, I-55, I90/94, and I-290 and also from O’Hare and Midway airports.

  1. Techspace Westwood, Los Angeles

Techspace Westwood is more than just a shared working space; it is a community. Its offices are used by a wide range of people, starting from freelancers to fortune 500 companies. The most significant advantage of this office space is the ability to network with similar businesses. The building is a bright, modern and a colorful structure. It isa perfect spot for a budding startup. Another major advantage of  Tech space is the robust network connectivity.

 The offices offer fantastic views of the mountains, the ocean, and the city. Westwood is reachable by I-405 and is about 10 miles away from Los Angeles international airport.

  1. AMA Washington

AMA’s Washington Area Conference Center is one of the top-notch meeting space providers in the country’s capital.The newly set up space has ten meeting rooms and three breakout rooms. These room scan hold 5 to 90 people at a time. AMA Washington has new touchscreen monitors, projectors, screens, WiFi, a lounge and a refreshment area.

 AMA Washington is located next to Reagan National Airport, just off Jefferson Davis Highway on Crystal Drive. It is situated in the heart of Crystal City and is approximately five minutes away from downtown Washington, D.C. You can also reach the center via Yellow and Blue Lines of Crystal City Metro.


Located on the Capitol Hill, 20 F STREET, is the place to book when you have some heavy hitters visiting you in the DC area.  The center’s main hall can seat up to 200 people at a time,and the Executive boardroom can seat up to 24 people. The tented roof terrace is perfect for a reception and can hold up to 110 seats. The rooftop has excellent views of The Capitol Dome and Washington Monument. The video conference room can fit 18 people at a time. Be it a corporate training session, sales training or a networking event, 20 F Street NW Conference Center is a favorite place for the DC crowd. LCD screens, wired and Wifi Internet access, Digital recording equipment,and Webcasting facility are some of the essential features available at the center.

Washington Reagan National is a 15-minutedrive from the venue.Pentagon City is just four miles away.

Most meeting rooms have professional grade AV facilities that make video conferencing and live streaming easy. They also have in-house technicians who can help you set up your laptops etc. making it effortless to plug and play into their system.

 Some rooms can be rented on an hourly basis. This facility works great for small meeting rooms. However, the bigger ones listed above are typically rented for a half day or a full day.  If you are planning to hire the meeting room for the entire day, ask if the venue has catering facility. Some sites have a list of approved caterers you can choose from while others may allow any caterer to manage your food service. When budgeting your meeting, include the cost of food and refreshments and other ancillary expenses like tips,etc.Some places have in-house refreshment centers.Check to see if their offerings are suitable for your needs. Cities like Los Angeles also offer organic and vegan menus. Depending on the nature of your meeting, duration and attendees, you may have to include vegan choices also on your offering.

Things to know when hiring your first employee

You know all about background checks already, so we aren’t going to waste your time with that (which isn’t to say you shouldn’t hire a convicted felon. He did his time. It’s up to you). But let’s imagine your first employee isn’t a convicted felon. Let’s also say you’re not necessarily hiring just one person – maybe your first few employees. This is a major decision for a young entrepreneur. The quality of staff can mean the difference between your business prospering and going under. When you don’t have enough (or any) experience, it can be a scary decision.

Ask Questions

You won’t know anything about your future employees without asking. Don’t just ask the typical questions (i.e. why did you apply for this job, why are you the best fit, what are your strengths and weaknesses), but actually listen to what the person says. Ask follow-up questions if something isn’t clear. Don’t dismiss them just because their answers weren’t unique – in fact, be prepared for less-than-imaginative responses.

Don’t confine yourself to the usual questions – ask what you really want to know. It’s important to ask them how they imagine the job in order to deal with unrealistic expectations or false impressions in advance. It’s also important to know how they work under pressure or whether they are able to at all. Ask them what they last did or how they last felt when working under pressure to make a better judgment.

After Hiring

Employees are human beings just like you. You should treat them the way you want them to treat you. Try to be a good boss instead of someone they’ll run away from. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t act decisively when you sense something’s wrong. Your company’s success should be just as important to your staff as it is to you.

How to hire the best managers for your small company

The structure of small companies is markedly different from that of big ones in many ways, one of them being with respect to management. A manager at a small company will be responsible for logistics, HR, invoicing, and a whole set of other tasks simply because a small company can’t afford to hire separate “department heads.” Still, owners of small enterprises can’t always afford to do their own management because they don’t have enough time, especially if they own several.

The issue of personality

Successful managers have a series of typical traits. They are communicative, charismatic, practical, and efficient. These are important traits for a manager on any level to have, but they are particularly crucial for one of a small company, who needs to multitask and combine a series of functions. The issue of personality is perhaps the most significant factor in the selection.


In this case, experience doesn’t necessarily need to be calculated in years. Rather, you should look at the types of positions the person has had. He might have decades of experience, but if he’s only worked at big enterprises, he might not be the best fit. Small company management involves delegating tasks only to an extent. You need to approach a small team in a more personal way, as you might relatives, and be more flexible as you won’t be able to consistently assign a specific type of task to one person – you don’t have enough employees. Like the manager, the employees will need to fulfill a series of different functions, and this needs to be taken into account.


This is one case in which age will work in a candidate’s favor. Don’t be quick to reject somebody just because they’re in their 50s. They know the opportunities for growth are limited at a small company. They are looking for a calm, relaxed work environment. Give them a chance!

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