How to hire the best managers for your small company

The structure of small companies is markedly different from that of big ones in many ways, one of them being with respect to management. A manager at a small company will be responsible for logistics, HR, invoicing, and a whole set of other tasks simply because a small company can’t afford to hire separate “department heads.” Still, owners of small enterprises can’t always afford to do their own management because they don’t have enough time, especially if they own several.

The issue of personality

Successful managers have a series of typical traits. They are communicative, charismatic, practical, and efficient. These are important traits for a manager on any level to have, but they are particularly crucial for one of a small company, who needs to multitask and combine a series of functions. The issue of personality is perhaps the most significant factor in the selection.


In this case, experience doesn’t necessarily need to be calculated in years. Rather, you should look at the types of positions the person has had. He might have decades of experience, but if he’s only worked at big enterprises, he might not be the best fit. Small company management involves delegating tasks only to an extent. You need to approach a small team in a more personal way, as you might relatives, and be more flexible as you won’t be able to consistently assign a specific type of task to one person – you don’t have enough employees. Like the manager, the employees will need to fulfill a series of different functions, and this needs to be taken into account.


This is one case in which age will work in a candidate’s favor. Don’t be quick to reject somebody just because they’re in their 50s. They know the opportunities for growth are limited at a small company. They are looking for a calm, relaxed work environment. Give them a chance!

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