Things you should never do when firing an employee

Firing an employee can sometimes be difficult for people who are reasonable. You are sending an individual away from his job. This could be a man with several dependents such as family members (which could include extended family members) and maybe friends. However, there are a lot of instances where firing an

employee might be the only way. This could be due to the unrepentant nature of the employee in doing wrong things or as a cost cutting measure, which is necessary for the survival of the organization. Irrespective of the reason you are laying off the staff, here are some things you should never do.

Firing them abruptly

A lot of business owners do not like it when an employee suddenly informs them of their desire to leave the organization without any prior notice. Even though it is easier for organizations to find employees than for employees to find work, most organizations seriously frown at it. It is thus, also unfair for employers to suddenly fire an employee without prior notice. You could be saving the employee from a lot of hardship if you had told him at least a month or 2 earlier. If he has not been saving, he might decide to cut down on his expenses so that the 1 or 2 months’ salary he collects will serve him for a longer time. If he has been saving, he might have just decided to use his saving on purchasing something that could have waited if he got a warning he would be losing his job.

Further destroying their self esteem

Firing an employee is enough reason to make him feel bad and downcast. Do not make it more difficult for the employee by telling him he is no good and he will never succeed. That might just the extra conviction he needs to commit suicide. No matter how sad or angry you are, firing him is enough punishment already. Try to talk to him on the reason he is getting fired, encourage him and let him know he still has the chance of changing, after which, he can achieve any feat.

Denying them of their benefit

Do not deny an employee of their benefits after firing them. The fact they are losing their job could mean they will be without jobs for some months. Those benefits might just be all they will be able to cling on to survive during the trying times before they find another job. Make provision for all of their entitlements to be completely paid the instant they are receiving their sack letter.

Making it more difficult for them to get another job

Give them another chance by not discouraging other employers from hiring them. Some people are able to come back to their senses after they get fired and change. Give them that benefit of doubt and if a prospective employer calls you to ask after them, do not speak so bad of them that they will not be hired. If the employee has not changed, the new organization will also notice and fire them even without your mentioning it.

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